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Yes….. we do coach in sales, business and philanthropic ventures. However we provide lifestyle support. This is of paramount importance to many if not all businesses in the twenty year plan. Full transparency here because that is huge for us, there are highly successful persons who work hard and may play too hard. Playing hard is fantastic yet playing too hard can bleed into the work week and affect untold amounts of business. In short I am a product of the lifestyle support we offer. These ideals and application of these ideals help pull people out of the abyss and it has launched us into a forward momentum that I want to share. We look forward to sharing it with you. Call us for support at our 24/7 help line (817)422-7134

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ICWS is a catalyst for entrepreneurs organizations owners and high-performance business persons with a focus on maximizing efficiency. Our effectiveness is rooted in passion, diligence, resourcefulness, and resilience diligence is the watchword in connection to resilience. We believe the efficiency of high performers and owners alike can benefit untold amounts of peace of mind, and time from the sales and lifestyle approach we offer, with more peace of mind and time you fill in the _______ for more _______ .