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ICWS has been acting as a catalyst for entrepreneurs and business persons. Our founding process is built around genuine inquiries in development, assesments and layered plans of action. This process can be likened to an inspector. Upon inspection: There is no issue other than that of a missing accountability system and or a missing commitment to growth system. Solution: We help build out those missing or outdated systems. Another instance: There are known or unknown operating issues that no longer serve the parties at hand. Solution: At this stage we normally explore immediate action then we build out accountability systems and committing growth systems. Along with the services mentioned we focus on building tailored systems for each instance that then belongs to the business. The end goal is that the parties who brought us on no longer need our services. There will be ownership handled documentation, hand in hand action and ability to scale the accomplishments.

Our Vision:

There are high achieving sales & business persons in this world. Our vision is there should be a lot more high achievers that have access to systems grounded in more stability. These persons are as the pandemic put it “essential.” I am not talking about parties who are getting clients more of what the do not need. No, I am talking about those set on delivering products, services and ideas to others who need/want what the parties have to offer.

We love how Zig Ziglar worked to diminish the stigma of sales persons. We will keep up that same fight. For instance…….

One of ICWS employees needed wifi for some time; six months to be exact. Life got hectic with two kids, a wife to be, work and community commitments so finding time to go take care of wifi was scarce. The kids were starting to get devices and the cellular data was running thin. Therefore he went to buy a modem and install it himself. He went into the cellular store to get the modem. No one asked him about his needs/wants or desires for said product nor any questions about location or installation. In short he did not successfully install the modem because there was no access for the modem to the tower. It took 4 trips, 2-3hours, 2 modems, dealing with a “sales person” telling him they “did not think they could even let him try a different modem, 2 refunds and not to mention dealing with the fact he still had no wifi.

The process could have been as simple as follows: He walks into cellular store, a salesperson asks basic questions to him about products/services, told him the best fit, listened to what he had to say, helped him with his concerns, gave him the facts, gave him a chance to make the best decisions with the information and signed him up. Just so you know he did get wifi. He just went down the street to a different cellular company where the sales person treated him with the simple process listed above.

These sales people who operate in the way of saving people time and energy are out there. I am sure you may be one or have one yourself. The world is a better place with them. Sometimes the lifestyles that very successful sales and business persons have is not conducive to the well being of themselves or their firms. If the lifestyle was conducive maybe during business hours there would be less requested time off for some of the following; calling in sick, calling in that kids are sick, calling in that dog is sick, calling in for funerals, car troubles and the list goes on infimum. I know sometimes these things happen so we have to take time off. I am not being insensitive to any of these happenings. How ever I also know that the system for getting time off is abused. I used to abuse it myself until I started applying these same systems to my lifestyle and business. Helping other high performers be more present(physically & mentally) more often along with cultivating cultures with higher volumes of high performers is our passion.

We believe in you. ICWS for Success.

Let ICWS help you unlock your true potential.

We are here for the businesses, owners and sales persons alike that may be growing so rapidly that they are struggling with bandwidth or they see a serious struggle on the horizon. We are also here for those who may have goals and visions that do not align with their past or current circumstances. For those who never finished the degree, finished but do not use their 4 year degree, those who overcame many odds, those who only know the odds, those who achieved their goals/vision that are looking to restructure their systems and especially those who are looking to give back. We are here for the difference makers.

Charlie Munger told a story of the little boy in Texas. The teacher asked the class.

“If there are nine sheep in the pen and one jumps out, how many are left?”

And everybody got the answer right except this little boy who said ” none of them are left.”

And the teacher said “You don’t understand arithmetic.”

And he said, “No, teacher. You don’t understand sheep.”

We understand high performers. We are looking forward to working with y’all.

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Our Areas of Expertise

We have had success in the products and services of residential and commercial properties, insurance, investments as well as lifestyles which of course breaks down to physical fitness and mental fitness.

This success is measured through tracking sales statistics as well as overall wellbeing of the client applying the systems working with us. Those who have followed our process have excelled to the tops of their companies, been allocated with the highest achievements, set benchmarks along with gaining respect in their industries. They have impressed upon their peers to such a degree that they will never go without work, God willing they follow the process.

Entrepreneur Power Tools

We are here to get you answers on how your system can become more efficient. Many times a new training, perspective, support, Trust or even act of compassion is all an individual needs to see percentage upticks. As they say, the only real shortcut in life is learning from other peoples failures and successes over decades. We are here to help this learning process by coupling it with implementation.

The time to act is now.

We look forward to hearing from you. Some of the services we offer are common enough in a google search. The levels of quality will of course vary. However the fact that we provide lifestyle, mental fitness systems and business systems is what our clients enjoy.

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Support for Thought

Yes….. we do coach in sales, business and philanthropic ventures. However we provide lifestyle support. This is of paramount importance to many if not all businesses in the twenty year plan. Full transparency here because that is huge for us, there are highly successful persons who work hard and may play too hard. Playing hard is fantastic yet playing too hard can bleed into the work week and affect untold amounts of business. In short I am a product of the lifestyle support we offer. These ideals and application of these ideals help pull people out of the abyss and it has launched us into a forward momentum that I want to share. We look forward to sharing it with you. Call us for support at our 24/7 help line (817)422-7134

Service Capacities

ICWS is a catalyst for entrepreneurs organizations owners and high-performance business persons with a focus on maximizing efficiency. Our effectiveness is rooted in passion, diligence, resourcefulness, and resilience diligence is the watchword in connection to resilience. We believe the efficiency of high performers and owners alike can benefit untold amounts of peace of mind, and time from the sales and lifestyle approach we offer, with more peace of mind and time you fill in the _______ for more _______ .